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Helping Your Child Breathe Easier

Follow these tips to help your child deal with exercise-induced asthma (EIA):

  • Talk to your doctor if you think your child has EIA, and work together to develop a treatment plan.

  • Ask your doctor about pre-medicating before exercise.

  • Monitor your child's peak flow to gauge whether it's safe to exercise. If your child is having asthma exacerbation, it may not be safe to exercise.

  • Plan outdoor activities at times of the day when pollen counts are lowest.

  • Encourage your child to do warm-up and warm-down exercises.

  • Have your child cover his or her mouth and nose with a scarf when exercising in cold weather.

  • Children should be able to participate in sports. For some children, swimming or sports with short bursts of energy like baseball may be better than sports like soccer or long distance running.

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